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About That Bulldog Life™

Black Bullie Crop-Top



This black crop top is comfortable and lightweight, hand-sewn with white stitching on the periphery. Each crop top was specifically hand-made and designed with your bullies' body shape in mind! These shirts are the perfect length for your bullies' short and compact stature. Our patented ATBL bullie logo is embroidered at the bottom of each crop-top in white stitching to give a sleek feel.

* Each black bullie crop-top has a matching human (women's) crop-top version available! OR mix and match with any of our Men's and Women's black crew long sleeves!

A portion of this product's proceeds will be donated to a local rescue to help a bullie in need!

Made In:
Fabric: Cotton / Lycra
Color: BLACK
AvailabilityWe currently offer french and english bullie crop tops! (more bulldog sizes to follow)
Note: If your English Bulldog is on the heftier side, please order the Adult/Hefty sized crop-top for a better fit
Dimensions guide

French Bulldog (Adult) | Back length = 12.5 in.

English Bulldog (Puppy) | Back length = 12.5 in 3

English Bulldog (Adult) | Back length= 18 in.

English Bulldog (Adult/ Hefty) | Back length= 18-19 in.






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