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About Us

Based in Los Angeles, California, About That Bulldog Life launched in 2017 by JT as a one-woman team with a vision to make connections with fellow bulldog lovers and owners. The passion behind the bulldog breed stems back to over two decades. Every aspect of ATBL is thought-out with intention; all designs and logos are created by JT herself and she is the main contact for the collaboration events with local bulldog rescues within SoCal. 

Since our infancy, we wanted to do more than just unite bulldog lovers, which is why we ensure a portion of proceeds are donated to local rescues whose mission is to help a bulldog in need. 

Why bulldogs? Well, if you're reading this then you must have some basic knowledge as to how much maintenance actually go into ensuring a bullie is happy and healthy (long term). Unfortunately, there are many people out there who lack this type of general bullie knowledge, or maybe you've even seen the frenchie-hype lately on the gram. With this, these innocent, lovable, and sweet bullies end up abused, neglected, or wind up in shelters.

Fortunately, there are those super crazy, passionate people out there who do care and do want to make a difference. Whether it be by reaching out to just a handful of people at a time, or by networking at annual bulldog meet-ups, connecting with others is what it's all about. There's something really special about this breed, but that also means there's something really special about those who love them so dearly. Connecting with fellow bulldog owners is our way to feel understood and we get to learn a lot about ourselves just by networking and supporting others with similar interests. 

We're stoked you have decided to join our bulldog-loving community and be About That Bulldog Life!!


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