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Cannabis Extract for Bullie-Relief

Chester McBulldog


Before considering CBD oil as an option for your bulldog, ask yourself: will offering more of your own time, effort, and attention minimize any of the ailments? If you're leaning toward no, then CBD may be a helpful option for your bullie...


Your Bulldogs' Endocannabinoid System

All bulldogs have the same endocannabinoid system as us humans with similar functions. You can view the endocannabinoid system sort of as an aqueduct between body and mind. In point of fact, this system exists in all mammals with receptors throughout the body: in the connective tissues, glands, organs, immune system, and the brain. There are a number of physiological processes that include the use of receptors including pain sensation, memory, and appetite. 

The natural balance in the body for both bullies and humans is stimulated by internally-produced endocannabinoids which maintain the ECS system. Conversely, externally-produced stimulation can occur... this brings us to CBD (Cannabidiol)!! CBD can play an apparent role in well-being when bullies become deficient in other endocannabinoids. Although found in cannabis plants, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, meaning your bulldog won't undergo the affects of feeling "high" following administration.

Common Bulldog Ailments for CBD

chemo-induced vomiting,
separation anxiety,
lack of appetite,
arthritis (joint pain),
situational anxiety (fireworks, loud noises, sundown syndrome with fading light), 
acute or chronic pain due to elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, or narrowing of trachea

Getting Your Paws on CBD

Depending on your location, getting a hold of CBD products may be as easy as going into your local CASH-ONLY dispensary where medical or recreational cannabis is legal. 

If there isn’t a dispensary in your area, local pet stores tend to carry reputable brands of CBD products. If purchasing online, always always always do your research and scope out reviews to ensure you're purchasing from a credible supplier who can offer a Certificate of Analysis which confirms the products are free of 'nasties' such as bacteria/yeast/mold, residual solvents, and contaminants (like heavy metals and pesticides). 

While there is no true difference between human versus pet CBD oils, the FDA does not allow products to be labeled for both pet and human use. This is because the potency in human CBD oils are a lot more concentrated so dosage can be an issue for pets in this case. So, keep safe and make sure to stick to "Pet-Quality" CBD products, as each product specifies the difference. 

Another important aspect to look for in potential CBD products is for those that have a CO2-extraction method; this assures the products' purity by a process that uses carbon dioxide under high and low temperatures. 

Oral administration, especially sublingually, is the quickest route of relief for your bulldog so definitely consider oil-based tinctures as your CBD product of choice (droplets directly underneath tongue or on dog food). Other options are capsules and CBD-infused treats. Just like food (portions), the proper dosage for your bulldog is solely dependent on the quality/potency of the brand or product and the size/weight of your bullie. 

Be Cognizant

    Know your bulldogImmediately end treatment if your bullie displays side effects of excessive sleepiness (more than the usual), vomiting, hyperactivity (abnormally or unusually active), hypersensitivity (allergies), or disorientation.

    CBD oil can be a highly safe and effective medicine if administered properly. Always remember to consider your bulldog's ailment (standard, therapeutic, or medicinal) and follow the appropriate dosage guidelines of each product on the packaging. It's always better to start off small and slowly make your way up to find the ideal dosage. 


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