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Chester's Choice: Lime Juice for Better Breathing

Chester McBulldog

Do you tend to hear that unusually loud and heavy breathing from time to time from your bulldog whenever you take your furry friend out and about? "Yeah, it's not so bad... it only happens every once in awhile if my bulldog see's a bunch of other dogs." Is this you? If so, I have a solution for that... LIME JUICE! Now is a great time to be informed about your bullie's best breathing possible, especially before the summer hits and thus, before temperatures rise! 

If you have that "Yeah, yeah it only happens sometimes" mentality, then you need to re-think how you care for your bulldog; easy breathing and open airways should be your number one concern.

We care for your bullies, which is why we want to share this sweet (or sour) trick with you: 

With a good squirt of lemon/lime juice into the side of your bulldog's mouth, it will instantly break up the adhesion of the phlegm building up and it will immediately improve your bulldog's breathing.






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