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Chester’s Chronicles: Solution for Infected Paws

Chester McBulldog

Bulldogs who lick their paws frequently could be doing so for a multitude of reasons. This can be a sign of injury or infection, and as we (humans) are all accustomed to scratching an itch... or alleviating pain ourselves, bulldogs do the same with their tongues! However, the true issue lies in the fact that the bacteria found on their tongues can cause further paw-infections.

In order to keep my paws healthy, my humans had to grab a bottle of antimicrobial/ anti-fungal Mal-A-Ket shampoo prescribed by the veterinarian. It is most useful if applied to my front paws every 2-4 days in between my digits and all around my metacarpal pads. Because my paw pads help protect the bones and joints in my feet, it is crucial to keep them in the best condition possible. Not only does the Mal-A-Ket soap help keep me healthy, the paw massages accompanied with a warm cloth is always fun. The humans usually apply it to my paws on days I’m in the grass or in dirt often.

- Chester



Disclaimer: Please consult your veterinarian before applying any medication to your pet. 


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