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Chester's Choice: The Best Bulldog Toys

Chester McBulldog

The Best: The ideal bulldog toys are ones that are tough and as indestructible as the humans can make them. We like to chew for hours and can destroy just about anything.

    - Kong Brand toys are great due to their durability and unique designs to hide our treats, clean our teeth, and chew on for hours.

    - KONG Squeezz Crackle Sticks are one of my faves! It's the best because they're unique and make enticing crackle sounds! It feels great on my gums and teeth when I chew on them. They're so tough and durable that sometimes I can't even break through them!

    - Plush toys are awesome because there's nothing more fun (other than sleeping) than ripping the plush and that stupid squeaker out of the toy. Not only that but the humans get to clean up afterwards while we nap.

    - Durable rope toys are probably the most enjoyable because we love to play tug of war. Be sure to get ropes with knots or loops because we love a good grip. 


 Let us hear your recommendations below! What are your favorites? 



  • Gabriel: April 03, 2018

    Yeah the crackle sticks are great mine chew on those nonstop

  • Douglas: April 03, 2018

    The Kong brand toys are definitely worth every penny.

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