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Teaching Your Bulldog New Tricks

Chester McBulldog

Teaching Your Bulldog How to Skateboard (trick board, no posers!)

ONE. Find the perfect board: your deck should be a bit wider (about an inch to 1.5 inches wider) than your bullie's typical stance. Because bulldogs are notorious for their 'Mavericks pose', they're able to stand on a narrow platform

TWO. When board meets bullie: introduce the board to your bulldog. What works best for many is to put the board on carpet floors so that the initial movement doesn't startle your bulldog 

THREE. Feedback is key... praise your bullie if they interact, stand on, or show interest to the board. Flip the board over with the wheels facing up after a few minutes and begin to spin the wheels and observe your bullies response. After half an hour or so, put the board away. At this point, ensure you don't allow your bulldog to bite or nibble on the deck

FOUR. After some time, bring the board back, and once again, praise your bullie for any type of interest or interaction with the skateboard. This time, roll the board back and forth a little and observe your bullie's response. Note: it is very important to initially roll the board AWAY from your bulldog so they don't feel threatened

FIVE. If your bullie tries to chase or stand on the skateboard at any point, extreme praise is KEY... and treats

SIX. Repetitive training: Reward your bullie as much as possible when showing any interest to the board. The more paws on the board, the more praise your bullie should receive. Don't fret if they doesn't leave their paws on the board for a long duration initially... it will take time

SEVEN. Tone down the rewards: after some time, begin to only reward your bullie with treats/praise when they show progression with paws on the deck... your bullie needs to start realizing that their entire body on the board is the end goal. If your bullie seems frustrated, tired, or stops trying, put the skateboard away immediately and try again later. The last thing you want is for them to think the skateboard is a new chew toy

EIGHT. We like to move it move it: Once your bullie has two or more paws on the board, begin to move the board forward and observe. If your bullie shows interest, immediately offer a treat and bring it to their mouth so they don't have to get off the board to reach it. If your bullie is comfortable and has stayed on the moving board for at least 4-5 feet, continue to next step

NINE. At this point, roll the board forward and backward with your bullie on the board (at least two paws on board at this point). Extensive praise should continue

TEN. Get your bulldog to go on the board on their own: put your hand on the board and pat on it with your desired command to get your bullie to approach it. Stand in front of the board with the same treat(s) and try to get your bullie to push forward to reach the treat. This may take some time. Be patient!

ELEVEN. Continue practicing on a daily/weekly basis until your bullie is comfortable skating without any needed rewards!

TWELVE. Have fun! Bulldogs are such intelligent and lovable creatures. Make sure you are patient... this is very new to them.



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